Mobile Home Park Living

What Mobile Home Park Living Means for Investors

In today’s economy, affordable housing is the way to go. But affordable housing isn’t always easy to find! However, there is one type of residence that is guaranteed to be way cheaper than any other, and that’s a mobile home.

Because mobile homes are so affordable, mobile home parks make a great investment. Mobile home park owners can rest assured that there will always be demand for their properties.

Let’s take a look at why mobile home parks are so popular and how investors can cash in on this housing trend.

Why is Mobile Home Park Living So Popular?

Here are some reasons why people love mobile homes:

  • They are affordable: When it comes to mobile home park living, people have a couple of options, but most will buy their home outright and rent the land they live on. Although mobile homes are not cheap, they are way less expensive than a house and rents are also quite affordable. Mobile home owners also don’t have to pay taxes on their properties.
  • They’re mobile: Because mobile homes are, well, mobile, owners can take off whenever they want. They automatically have a place to stay when on vacation and if they decide to move, they don’t have to look for another house.
  • They’re Low Maintenance: Mobile homes are way lower maintenance than traditional homes. There is not as much potential for things to break down and, when they do break down, the repairs tend not to be as expensive. Mobile homeowners also don’t have to deal with maintaining exterior land.
  • They’re Scenic: Mobile home parks often provide scenic views for the people that live there. Many times, they will also have gyms, swimming pools and other community and recreational amenities on the land.

Mobile Home Park Statistics

Statistics show that 17.7 million Americans live in mobile homes. This accounts for about 5.6% of the population.

There are currently about 60,000 mobile home parks throughout America and the demand for mobile homes and mobile home parks grow every year.

Advantages for Investors

Because there is so much demand for mobile homes, investors can be sure that their lots will be occupied most of the time. Here are some other advantages investors will enjoy:

  • Low maintenance: Because mobile home park dwellers usually own their own units, the investor does not need to provide maintenance for them. This reduces maintenance costs and eliminates a lot of stress.
  • Low Capital Investment: Mobile home parks are relatively inexpensive to own. Therefore, investors do not need a lot of capital to invest.
  • Low Competition: Mobile home park investors don’t have to compete with bigger investors who are interested in traditional real estate. This helps keep costs down.

Looking to get started in real estate or expand your investment portfolio? A mobile home park is the way to go. Mobile homes are always in demand and the parks do not require a lot of maintenance. How will you be taking advantage of the benefits mobile home park ownership has to offer?

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