We Are Not Brokers

Why You Don’t Need a Mobile Home Park Broker

One of the reason clients love dealing with Mobile Home Community Buyers is that we cut out the broker limiting the amount of fees you pay and eliminating the middle man to make the process easier overall. Not many people realize how costly and frustrating it can be to work with a broker. Here’s a bit about how that process works.

  • Seller contacts the broker to market the sale of the mobile home park.
  • Broker begins contacting past clients that he believes may be interested in the property.
  • The broker tries to represent both the seller and the buyer in the sales process.
    • He does this because he knows he can get commission on the sale from both parties. However, this also creates a conflict of interest that can make the transaction one that is not as beneficial as it could be for the seller.
  • In order for the sale to go through, the broker will likely offer the buyer a price well below the market value.

The real estate agent lobby works hard to try to get sellers to believe that they need a broker in order to sell property. However, not only can using a broker result in the seller getting an unfair deal, it will cost them fees that can be in excess of 7%.

Dont Use A Broker For Your Mobile Home Park Sale
He probably shouldn’t have used a broker for his mobile home park sale!

Dealing with a Direct Buyer

Now, let’s compare this process with how it would evolve if you worked with a direct buyer like Mobile Home Community Buyers.

  • Start by evaluating the property based on available numbers
  • We present a price that we feel is fair to all parties
  • A purchase sale agreement gets drafted
  • Escrow is opened and necessary funds deposited
  • We close escrow within the agreed time period

Besides being a much simpler and fairer process, there are several other advantages that come with working with a direct byer. For instance, if you need funds advanced from the purchase price before close of escrow, Mobile Home Community Buyers can get you an early release of funds from escrow that you can use to pay off any bills and costs you may have incurred.

You will also have more freedom in negotiating a price that you feel is in line with your home’s value instead of leaving it to a broker who can try to get the best prices for his preferred client, so he can earn commission quickly.

Portfolio Purchase

Sometimes owners may have several properties across the United States. Often, brokers will break up the portfolio purchase and only sell off assets that have the most amount of interest. This will reduce the value of any asset left behind.

Mobile Home Community Buyers will buy entire portfolio assets.

We will do this:

  • Regardless of the condition the properties may be in and
  • Whether certain assets don’t fit the investment criteria of other buyers.

Our ability to execute on a portfolio purchase without having to parse out assets allows us to close at faster speeds. This lets you speedily walk away with a deal you are happy with.

If you are looking to sell your mobile home park and wish to avoid broker fees, call us toll free for a confidential consultation today: (844) 238-0218.