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Ready to Sell Your Mobile Home?

If you’re ready to sell your mobile home, you are in luck as we’re currently buying across North America. Contact us using the below form to get a fast, fair, no hassle offer! You can also Contact Us here.

If you’re looking for tips on selling your Mobile Home, Valerie Kalfrin at Homelight has a great article titled “5 Steps to Sell Your Mobile Home Quickly and At a Great Price”
Here’s an excerpt:
Your mobile home might have been a cozy comfort for the past few years, but thanks to living conservatively, you’ve saved enough to trade up for one of those site-built homes in a chic development or downtown. Now, how to handle selling your starter place so you can have more money in your pocket for the future?

There are some logistics involved — you’ll need to make sure your property is legally attached to land so it’s not considered a movable asset, plus make it appear spacious and inviting in spite of the ranch-like challenge of a boxy shape.

“There are some mobile homes that are so well done and so upper-end and kept up so well, it’s hard to tell it’s a mobile home,” says Sheila Newton, a veteran real estate agent and single-family homes expert serving Anderson, South Carolina, who has sold several mobile homes.

To make yours look like the type of home Newton describes, here are our expert tips on how to prepare your manufactured home so it fetches a great price and sells at a fast clip.

You can read more here.