The Evaluation

The first part of the sales process will be the evaluation. Owners can contact us to send in photos and a description of their mobile home park. This will help us determine the condition of the property, the set up and more. Our extensive reviewing property ensures that there will be no bumps in the road down the line that will cause complications.

The Initial Offer

Once we have thoroughly evaluated the property, we will give you an initial offer. This offer will be emailed to you shortly after the evaluation is completed. It will be an estimate within a minimum and maximum range, both of which are subject to change as we continue to find out more about the property. The price you are offered will be based on factors like the expense of the purchase, the area the mobile home park is in, our previous sales and more.

The offer you receive will not be binding and you are under no obligation to accept it. Feel free to shop around elsewhere to compare other offers to make an informed decision before moving forward.

The Visitation

If you think our offer is fair, our next step will be to ask for more photos of the park’s interior and the park as a whole. This will allow us to narrow our offer down to a more accurate number.

Next, we will want to visit the property. During the visit, we will take notes on the condition of the property and its appliances, the neighborhood and more. We also meet with property owners during this time to find out if there will be any needs or accommodations that may change the move out date.

We will also want to know about any debts on the rent of the lot.

The Agreement

If everything is going smoothly at this point, and you think the offer we made is acceptable, the next step will be to sign the purchase agreement. The signing is done in person. We will take the time to fully explain the terms to you to avoid any confusion or legal problems that may arise. You will be given a copy of your agreement as well as a down payment which is proportional to the amount of time you need to move out. For instance, if you can move out within a week, the down payment will be larger than it would be if you need a few months to move out.

If you don’t live in the park, move out dates will not be a concern.

The Closing

There will be another meeting prior to the closing date. During this time, we will do a final sweep of the property. This will allow us to determine if anything else needs to be done on your behalf such as cleaning, removing furniture or appliances, repainting interiors, etc. It will also give us an opportunity to make sure everything has been communicated clearly to ensure things are running smoothly.

At closing, you will be given the remainder of the money. The property will then be turned over to us and we will be responsible for the rent, upkeep and remodeling from there on in.

Our Company

Mobile Home Community Buyers will always give you the top dollar for your mobile home park. We never charge broker fees and pride ourselves in maintaining excellent communication with our clients.

If you have any questions regarding the sale of your mobile home park, do not hesitate to call our offices to speak with one of our representatives. We are available round the clock to give you the information you need!

We Are a Company That Buys Mobile Home Parks

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