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Carolina Estates

Here’s a quick overview of the South Carolina mobile home community we closed on in August 2020.

Property Address: 826 Old Wallace Gregg Road, Florence, SC
Total Number of Pads: 33
Total Number of Occupied Pads: 25
Mobile Home Community Name: Carolina Estates
Type of Utilities: Municipal/City
Average Lot Rent: $200

The owner reached out to us looking to sell one of the mobile home parks that his company manages.

Timeline from initial outreach to closing looked like this:

  • We started learning about the park and what the owner’s goals were on the 22nd of July 2020.
  • By July 29th we were finished with negotiations and had a signed contract.
  • August 21st we were on our way to the closing table!

Business at any level in any industry is team (and sometimes contact) sport. Thankfully, there were no injuries 🙂 in this one and we were able to get the seller exactly what they were looking for.

How were we able to get this mobile home community sold so quickly? Quite frankly, it was because everyone was motivated, in constant communication and our partner network was ready and responsive to all our requests and needs.

It didn’t hurt that this park was a screaming deal – great / growing metro and just enough pads that needed to be infilled to not be an all-encompassing (and financially draining) task. The lot rent could also be EASILY be bumped up by 50%. All these positive attributes plus city water and sewer made this one a no brainer.

Our digital team did a fantastic job in bringing this one in!

Grateful to have assigned this mobile home community with major upside in record time with the team at Sanddollar Communities!

If you’d like to buy or sell a mobile home park, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!