How Mobile Home Park Owners Can Stay COVID Compliant

How Mobile Home Park Owners Can Stay COVID Compliant

The COVID pandemic has created a new normal for all of us. When it comes to shared spaces, precautions must be taken to keep communities safe.

Mobile home parks are particularly susceptible to COVID outbreaks. The tenants live in close quarters making for plenty of shared spaces. There are also a lot of older tenants in mobile homes that need round the clock care. Often, other tenants help out in caretaking procedures which is normally wonderful, but it can lead to an increased risk during times of a pandemic.

Fortunately, there are steps mobile home park owners can take to keep their community safe. Here are some steps that are recommended.

Make Everyone Aware of the Guidelines

These days, it seems like everyone is aware of the steps they need to take to stay compliant. Mask wearing, social distancing and hand washing have become a way of life to most.

However, in mobile home communities, there maybe some tenants who do not have internet access and are cut off from the outside world. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make sure everyone is aware of safety measures by providing them with some sort of written information on slowing the spread.

Limit the Amount of Outside Visitors

The fewer people that visit your community from the outside the better. Encourage residents to limit the amount of non-essential workers, visitors and volunteers that come to the property.

Clean Shared Spaces

Equipment rooms, rec rooms and pools should be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

Extracurricular Services May Be Limited

Consider limiting religious services, meal programs, exercise rooms and programs and similar activities that may bring people into close contact with one another. Offer these in a virtual format instead if possible.

Protect Your Staff

It is also important to keep your staff protected. Make sure they stay distanced from each other and the tenants. See to it that they wear masks at all times. Install barriers in workspaces to reduce the spread of germs.

Workers should also be given sick time to ensure they don’t come into work sick.

Be Prepared to Take Action

Work out a plan of action if someone in the park becomes sick. Identify a list of facilities and alternative care sites where residents can go if they become ill.

Increase Ventilation

If possible, work with your maintenance crew to improve ventilation in shared spaces. Research shows that COVID is more likely to spread in areas that are not well ventilated.

Limit the Number of   People in Shared Spaces

Post signs limiting the number of people that can go on the elevator at once. Post directional arrows in stairways to ensure traffic keeps moving. If there are any public gatherings in shared spaces, limit attendance and encourage social distancing.

If you own a mobile home park, the last thing you want is a COVID outbreak on the property. Following the proper protocol will help you keep your park safe. What recommendations can you make for keeping your tenants healthy?

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